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Arbor homes blog

April 22, 2024

Why Build? It's Simple.

When starting your search for your dream home, you almost certainly have something specific in mind. These specifics range from number of bedrooms to the level of customization that you desire for your new home. Many other factors can also determine your choices but ultimately you are left at the question: Do I buy a home to turn into my dream home or build my dream home?


Purchasing a home in general is a major and oftentimes one of the largest commitments financially that a person will have to make. With that being said, there are plenty of things that go into making this major decision a lot easier. Buying a home is a quicker and can be less expensive - but also requires a lot more work on the future homeowner. A major benefit to Arbor Homes is that if quick is what you are looking for - we do offer a few low cost, quick move-in options for buyers that just do not have the time to wait for their dream home to be built. It is a common misconception that purchasing a home is always the cheaper option in comparison to building your own home. While this can be the case, more often than not the cost of renovation to an existing home can far outweigh the cost that the new homeowner budgeted for.

Building on the other hand allows the future homeowner to determine what features would be best for their family based on various floor plans and many additional upgrades and options that they can choose from. A lot of buyers decide that having someone else to the leg work on their homes, makes for a lot smoother and more pleasant moving experience. Another benefit to building stems from the opportunity to choose your neighbors and gain equity as your neighborhood progresses. When moving into an existing neighborhood, you are at the mercy of the comps around you when determining the resale value over time. With a new build, all of the homes in your area will be up to code and at the same age and build quality that your new home is - which allows for a higher potential equity over time.


Materials are an important part of what makes your home Eco Smart. Our contractors use energy efficient products such as: Low-E Windows & Insulated Entry Doors, NIBCO PEX flexible water line, Optimized Delta Faucets, Low-VOC Sherwin Williams Interior Paint & Shaw Industries Carpet, CFL Bulbs, Insulated Poured Concrete Foundations, & Advanced Framing with Engineered Floor and Truss Systems. All of these processes make Arbor Homes a leader in the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. On average Arbor Homes are 25% more energy efficient than a typical new home and 55% more energy efficient than a typical used home! One issue that many buyers run into with older homes are costly issues that take a lot to fix such as mold, lead paint, or remodeling that requires the homebuyer to upgrade their home to the proper coding today. When building your dream home, you have to consider what is going to work best for the health and safety of your family as well as the functionality of the space that you are moving into.


The beauty of building a new home is the ability to choose your floor plan, countertops, cabinets, flooring, and structural additions or needs based on what you need for your family. Choosing these options up front instead of having to replace them at a later date allows a lot of the physical demand and cost of materials to get combined into the overall cost of your home instead of as an after thought. Many homebuyers are searching for a house with the fewest upgrades necessary to make that home their own. As a homeowner, the ability to choose your style and preferences can also provide a more modern home for resale if the homeowner ever decides to head down that route.

While there are pros and cons to both building and buying your dream home - it all comes down to whether you are more interested in putting the work in yourself or leaving it to the pros! Both options are an investment in your life and your future and you want to ensure that your choice is what is best for your family and lifestyle. If you are interested in starting the build process with Arbor Homes, contact us and get started today!