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February 5, 2020

How do YOU dispose of your Christmas Tree?

Now it's time for the lights to come down and the ornaments to come off of your favorite decor centerpiece for the holidays: your tree. As one of the season's largest wasteful items - if you have chosen a real live tree for your family then let us help you decide what to do with it afterwards.


In Marion County we are lucky that they offer curbside pick up right from your home for that once beautiful Christmas tree. From January 1st - January 31st trash crews WILL pick up live Christmas trees without any additional charges. To make sure that the trash company doesn't leave your tree by your curb, these guidelines will ensure that your tree gets taken away!

  1. Remove all lights & ornaments from the tree.
  2. Cut & Bundle trees in 3-4 foot sections.
  3. Place the tree at your curb & say goodbye!

For more information on locations for Christmas tree removal, please visit the following website:

Curious about what happens to your tree when it gets taken away? Your beautiful Christmas tree can find its new home in your flower beds come spring. Many times trees are turned into mulch and sold/donated in the spring. Some people ask - can I burn my Christmas tree? It is not advised to do so because the sap from the trees can create Chimney fires if the wood is used indoors. Looking for a way to give back with your tree? Local animal farms love to receive these trees for goats and livestock!


Wishing you and your family a Happy & Safe Holiday Season from Arbor Homes!