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May 14, 2021

Home Improvement Projects for You and Your Loved One

February 14th means a lot of things for different people. It’s a date night, it’s a night out with friends, or even a day you might choose to ignore. But what if this year you did something different? This Valentine’s Day, take on a home improvement project with your loved one! There is no better way to work on communication, teamwork, and trust than a fun day filled with a trip to the hardware store. We have some ideas on a few projects you can do this weekend that are quick and easy, and will make a huge impact on your home! 


1. Assemble and Hang New Shelving in your Living Space

We all know those shelving kits from Ikea can be tricky, but nothing you and your partner can’t handle! Pick a wall in your living room or anywhere in your home in need of some character and get those shelves hung! You can then spend the rest of the day picking out photos of your biggest moments as a couple to display, or arranging those wonderful mementos from trips and experience you’ve had together for all your friends and family to see! 

2. Change a Light Fixture (or even just your lightbulbs!)

Yes, this might seem silly, and maybe a little more project than you’d like to handle. But, think about how big of an impact the lighting in your home has on your mood! Is your bedroom dark and shadowy, making it unwelcoming? Or do you get frustrated when you are having trouble seeing in your kitchen? New lights can fix that! Just look into what options are right for you, whether that is a whole new light fixture, a bit more of a time consuming task, or just switching to brighter light bulbs! Either option can make your home that much more inviting, and working on this project with your loved one is sure to bring you closer together! 

3. Paint a Room a  New Color

This one might be the most fun of them all, because you get to pick out new paint! While painting walls may feel daunting, with the right tools and paint, like Arbor's trusted partner Sherman-Williams paint supplies, this project is a perfect way for any couple to work on teamwork! Maybe your partner has always wanted an accent wall in the office, or your master bedroom could really use a face lift. No matter the project, picking out a paint color you both love and making your home feel new is the perfect way to spend Valentine's weekend! 


So whether you are a home improvement super team or just looking for a way to spend some time together this holiday, these projects are sure to make your weekend great and your relationship stronger!